Business Opportunity

TheNosh is a high profile food, wine and drink online news-desk portal, publishing up-to-the minute global current trending news articles, recipes, information and education!

  • TheNOSH provides an exciting daily insight into all that is food, wine and drink – trends, changing fashions, new styles, anecdotes, journeys and adventures, plus a host of delicious recipes from professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike, keeping both trade and consumer abreast of topical and essential news – as it happens!

Success Story

  • In its first fully operational year online, TheNOSH has become a well-established information source in 20 countries, achieving over 1/2 million annual unique reads and recognised as a leading authority in its subject matter.

Past, Present and Future

TheNOSH began as a chic ‘coffee table’ stylish glossy magazine created by request for Cheltenham and The Cotswold’s in UK’s Gloucestershire region. It swiftly gained an impressive following that has now grown into a trendy and vibrant world-wide online forum for all lovers of the finer things in life.

Business Opportunity

Through a growing archive of over 16,000 articles and fresh home-page presented news items daily, TheNOSH provides an impressive platform for comprehensive digital marketing opportunities across the complete spectrum.

  • As an external marketing resource, your food, wine or drinks business can be promoted by personal (password protected) access to this world-wide established and growing audience, for daily use by your in-house digital marketing experts -supported with our ongoing professional guidance and business development programme!
  • We also offer expert content provision with a tailor made production package to suit your individual business needs going forward!


We invite businesses from all corners of this indispensable life-style genre, to join us in this ever expanding journey of food, wine and drinks adventure.

For more details of how TheNOSH development programme can help grow your business – or to arrange a meeting for comprehensive demonstration – please contact the Editor Alan Hunter.

DL: 0044 (0) 1242-500440 M: 07779990982

  • TheNOSH is the collaboration of food and wine professional Alan Hunter DipWSET of WineHunters and Gloucester based IT expert Lawson Willet of CBF Limited. Their objective is to grow TheNOSH into the largest ‘one stop’ food, wine and drinks shop window in the world – for the world.