Curry week

National Curry Week!

It’s Wednesday and I have only had one curry so far – that was last night and the fact that it’s National Curry Week – I was going to eat at least one spicy dish a day so I have some catching up to do.

Take Away

Forget about curry delivery take-aways, there has been an explosion of the curry ready-meal business with sales increasing from £472M in 2011 to approximately £492 in 2013. Also Indian style ‘cooking sauces’ rose from £134M to £141M in the same period.

The ‘curry buyer’ for Waitrose (what a great job – imagine all those tastings) Sam Witherington, announced that “sales of the spicy Jalfrezi are up by 85% year on year and chilli chicken and hot lamb kofta curries also popular. However, korma and butter chicken remain the firm favourites, with sales growing by 35% year on year.”

Curry Songs

I understand of course with everyone’s life being so busy that ready meals and cooking sauces are a welcome alternative for a quick result – so here is a recipe compromise – but before I go – what songs are the most favourite in the ‘curry top ten’ – let me tell you:

Where’s Ya Poppadom, Where’s Ya Poppadom – Midle of the Road! – Tikka A Chance On Me – Abba! – Tears on my Pillau – Little Anthony and the Imperials! and Korma, Korma, Korma Chameleon – Boy George! are my top 4 – so if you have any you like the best – let us know!

Curry Time – Thai Style:

curry week 1This a simple and very quick way of creating a ‘signature’ curry dish for your mates, especially for a Saturday lunch. Look out for tubs of ‘Mae Ploy’ Thai pastes – probably available in your local specialist food stores. There are a few different blends such as Massaman, Red Curry, Green Curry etc – and more that cover a wide spectrum of spiced flavours.

I know this sound like ‘cook in sauce curry’ but it’s not, as you can gauge how you want it to taste.

Slice up some chicken breasts and pan-fry with some chopped onions until lightly coloured on all sides. In a separate pan place a dollop of your chosen Mae Ploy curry paste and pour in a tin of coconut milk. Add a Knorr chicken stock cube and a teaspoon of sugar – whisk well in.

Pour over the chicken a simmer until the chicken is cooked – serve with our ‘Yoghurt Flat Breads’ – see recipe section (they are second to naan!) and Basmati rice (add a couple of Kaffir lime leaves or a squirt of lime juice to the rice whilst it’s cooking). You can add fresh spinach also to the dish at the last minute and fresh coriander to finish. Create a yoghurt dip with mint and chopped chillies – easy meal and great with a chilled beer!

curry massaman

Massaman Curry

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