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We know that nutritionists tell us that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in Spain it is lunch that is there main meal focus. This is also because dinner in Spain is always served quite late in the evening.

San Clemente

I remember well when I was a guest of a very prominent wine producer in Spain’s La Mancha region, of arriving back at around 9pm and assuming when asked to join the family at 10:30pm, it would be for a nightcap. We met in the courtyard of their palace that dominated the centre of the sleepy town of San Clemente to discuss the days developments. The table was fully laid with baskets of fresh bread, cheeses and Iberico ham and a tortilla the size of ‘La Mancha’ was presented – we grazed with wine and local liqueurs until midnight and beyond. Warm gestures of kindness were offered to me throughout my stay, but this was just a normal family gathering of which I was privileged to be a part, just an unusual routine for me. So I lay upon my bed in the vastness of my lavish room – like a fully fed python – until breakfast!

Try this Spanish style start to your day:

eggs for breakfast 1This is just a simple twist on scrambled eggs – just add chorizo, crispy pancetta, vine tomatoes roasted in olive oil, white beans (alubias blancas) – cannellini with do)

and a couple of strips of anchovy fillet. Also don’t whisk the eggs too much, just blend them together and add a little cream. Season with freshly milled sea salt and white pepper and just before serving, add the chorizo, grilled pancetta and some torn fresh basil leaves. Serve with thick slices of hot buttered toast.

This goes well with hot white coffee – or as in Spain – Uno Cortado!

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